Free Printable habit Trackers: 30, 90, 365 days


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What is Habit Tracking?

It is the habit of tracking your habit, duh! All jokes aside, keeping track of good habits helps you to get a better version of yourself every single day. Successful business owners and Athletes have one thing in common: They set challenging goals and keep track of their progress.

Let's say you want to get rid of a bad habit or perhaps improve on a good habit. Some examples could be:

  • Intermittent Fasting for the next 30 days;
  • Stop watching brain-damaging Social Media for an entire year;
  • Exercise 30 days in a row;
  • Read the Bible in a Year;
  • Achieve a 365 day Streak on a course or training.

How to Track a Habit?

First of all, you choose something you want to improve on and how many days you want to keep track of it: 30, 90 or 365 days. Then, just download and print the PDF (or applicable pages), and hang it on a prominent place in your house. Preferably choose a place where you walk past a few times every day. Then, choose a marker (of vibrant colour) and write the habit you want to keep track off on your tracker.

Every day you've kept your personal promise, you fill in one of the dots and continue to do so until all the dots are filled. It's especially helpful if you promise yourself some kind of reward for when you've completely filled all the dots.

Why Habit Tracking?

Tracking your habit has multiple advantages:

  • It makes it very visible how far along your goal you are;
  • Once you have a streak (a few filled dots in a row), it's very hard to break this streak;
  • It's a tool that constantly reminds you to keep your habit;

The great thing about habit tracking is that it helps you to keep your personal promise, every day you become a slightly better version of yourself. But the most important benefit is this:

Repeat a behaviour long enough, it becomes a habit.
Repeat a habit long enough, it becomes a routine.

In other words, if you keep your promise long enough, it becomes something you do without thinking.

A personal example: I've kept a 90 day tracker to exercise every day. Now, it often feels weird when I allow myself a day off and I fall back into my routine of doing exercise anyways.

Since the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, what are you waiting for?
Download the PDF an become a better version of yourself!