Netbeans Incubator update

Netbeans 12 LTS or 12.2 (update 2021-02-01)

Even though the script below will install Netbeans the 'old fashioned' way (which imo is still batter), the easiest method to install Netbeans is trough snap.

  • For 12 LTS or 12.0 use: sudo snap install netbeans --channel=12.0/stable --classic
  • For 12.2 (or the latest) use: sudo snap install netbeans --classic

Netbeans 11 LTS (update 2019-12-11)

According to the release schedule, version 11 is a stable release with Long Term Support. Feature releases are 11.1, 11.2. Refer to the release page for the latest versions. available.

Netbeans 10 obsolete (update 2019-04-04)

Even though Netbeans 10 has just been released, a newer version 11 is available. The instructions below have been modified accordingly.

Netbeans 9 obsolete

In my previous article, I explained how to install Netbenas 9.0. Recently, Apache released Netbeans 10, which makes the previous article obsolete.

Even though Netbeans 10 is a more matured version of the project, the core priciples remain the same. After downloading the latest binaries, it's simply a matter of following the steps from the previous article about Netbeans 9.0.

Downloading Netbeans 12

You could go to Apache's Download Mirrors, choose the best mirror, follow the path incubator → netbeans → netbeans → 12.2 →, and wait for your browser to download the archive… Or let bash handle it for you:

bestmirror=$(curl "" -s | grep 'preferred' | cut -d'"' -f4)
curl -O $bestmirror/netbeans/netbeans/12.2/

# Instructions from here are almost the same as previous article
sudo cp -r netbeans/ /usr/local/netbeans-12.2

# Optionally testrun it

# Add Gnome desktop entry (optional)
echo "[Desktop Entry]" >> /usr/share/applications/netbeans-12.2.desktop
echo "Encoding=UTF-8" >> /usr/share/applications/netbeans-12.2.desktop
echo "Name=NetBeans 12.2" >> /usr/share/applications/netbeans-12.2.desktop
echo "Comment=The Smarter Way to Code" >> /usr/share/applications/netbeans-12.2.desktop
echo "Exec=/bin/sh \"/usr/local/netbeans-12.2/bin/netbeans\"" >> /usr/share/applications/netbeans-12.2.desktop
echo "Icon=/usr/local/netbeans-12.2/nb/netbeans.png" >> /usr/share/applications/netbeans-12.2.desktop
echo "Categories=Application;Development;Java;IDE" >> /usr/share/applications/netbeans-12.2.desktop
echo "Version=1.0" >> /usr/share/applications/netbeans-12.2.desktop
echo "Type=Application" >> /usr/share/applications/netbeans-12.2.desktop
echo "Terminal=0" >> /usr/share/applications/netbeans-12.2.desktop

That's it. Your settings will be imported from any previous installed Netbeans and off you go!

Downloading Netbeans 10

Download Netbeans 10 from Apache's Archive, if you insist on using this version (for as long as it lasts).